The entire Salvador is in mourning for what happened at the Cuscatlán Stadium


12 people lost their lives this Saturday night due to a stampede of fans trying to enter the Cuscatlán stadium, to witness the match between the Alianza and FAS teams.

In addition, the Cuscatlán tragedy left 500 medical attentions and 100 transfers to hospitals of people affected by the stampede.

In various videos that have begun to circulate on social networks, the moments of terror that dozens of people experienced when they were crushed by the crowd of fans who tried to enter the sports venue are observed.

In the videos, women, old women and even children can be seen crying in terror at what was happening at that time.

The Government has promised to investigate the event that occurred in the Cuscatlán stadium. On the other hand, the Minister of the Interior, Juan Carlos Bidegain, condemned the actions of the people who obstructed the passage of the ambulances that were going to the hospitals of the public network and the non-existence of ticket control, since fans denounced the sale of fake tickets to the game.


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