The entertainment sector: how do companies derive revenue from sports and other leisure activities?

Organizations and businesses in Ohio and elsewhere involved in sports are always thinking about how to make money, just like any business. Unlike companies in various sectors, the need for turnover is not driven by the need to become extremely rich but by a stronger desire to improve sports performance. With more money, clubs and teams can hire better coaches and athletes, improve their sports venues and/or buy better equipment to improve their performance.

Sport is a huge global industry.

Without a doubt, sports is a big industry in Ohio and around the world, and most successful sports leagues can bring in huge sums of money. Major sporting events and businesses can enjoy various sources of revenue due to their huge global fanbases.

Aside from the fact that consumer passion levels for their favorite sports products are largely the same across all sports, their revenue-generating potential varies widely.

Significant variations can be found in how organizations make money at different levels of the sports industry. There is a huge difference in how each sport can generate income. Highly entertaining sports will generate a significant portion of revenue at the highest level.

Extremely entertaining sports that manage to make huge profits at the highest level are often able to direct money to grassroots organizations. This improves player acquisition and growth and enables local initiatives to succeed. However, in order to help pay the national governing body, less entertaining sports in general need help to move from the grassroots level.

The sporting landscape has continued to change

The sports landscape is a huge sector in the modern world. Many fans in Ohio and other parts of the world flock to organized sporting events to support their favorite teams and see them play in person, while many more continue to watch the action live from their homes. home via TV shows now available. , while some choose to watch the game in their local pub with a good drink. It also adds to the crowd that fills sports and other venues and generates money.

Sport is popular because it is fun, exciting, healthy and unpredictable, which makes us feel more alive. But the richest sports leagues are above all a source of income for sports agents. Sports are currently among the most lucrative areas of the entertainment industry with big money in revenue coming from many sources. One of the ways to make money is through promotions.

Businesses (including sports betting companies) in different parts of the United States promote teams in various sports. They also offer different types of promotions and incentives to keep their users engaged.

Even before a state’s official sportsbook launch, most sportsbooks are running early bird offers, as evidenced by the various types of sportsbook promotions in Ohio already available ahead of the imminent launch of the industry statewide in early 2023. Each of these promotions are made available to provide bettors with bets that may offer better value and entice them to join the operator.

While some people place bets on individual matches and results, others have a sense of appreciation and hold the teams they support in high regard. Indeed, professional sports currently ranks among the most lucrative industries in the world. The entire planet is witnessing this phenomenon right now.

What are the most lucrative sports?


American football is by far the most lucrative sport. However, little attention is paid to the sport beyond states like Ohio in the United States and Canada, where most of its fans come from. The NFL has longstanding ties to television networks and produces billions of dollars annually. Most of the company’s annual revenue is generated from all of these.


Most baseball fans are from North America, making it another sport that lacks a global fanbase. The past few years have seen a surge in revenue generated by the baseball industry, which has resulted in big profits for all MLB teams. Ticket sales also bring millions of dollars to well-known baseball clubs every year.


With many Ohio fans and millions of fans around the world, basketball is currently among the top five most watched and popular sports in the world. It is therefore not surprising that a lot of money is made from this sport. Additionally, the NBA earns millions of dollars from international media through lucrative contracts with national television stations.


Considering the caliber of skill in the sport, it’s no surprise that football is the most watched sport in the world. Even though the sport’s biggest leagues are mostly in Europe, fans all over the world still follow it. Every football club in every league earns money through deals with companies and sponsors.

How do businesses derive revenue from sports and other recreation?

Naturally, businesses can use many different ways to generate revenue. Some of the biggest and most notable examples are as follows…

Sale of match tickets

A significant portion of the sports industry’s overall revenue has historically come from ticket sales. Global data reveals a sharp increase in revenue from internet ticket sales for sporting events during the Covid-19 pandemic. Those numbers have now topped billions in 2022, especially in light of Qatar’s hosting of the successful 2022 FIFA World Cup.

Sponsor offers

It is a well-known fact that sponsorship deals account for a large portion of the sports industry’s overall revenue. In fact, by 2027, the global sports sponsorship market is predicted to reach approximately $90 billion. While that money will always exist, many people believe that due to the sports industry’s growing reliance on digital technology and the openness of contemporary marketing, there will be an increase in revenue.


The sports merchandising market, which includes team uniforms, footwear, toys and games, is a key source of revenue for the sector. According to reports, sales of officially sanctioned sports memorabilia will exceed 27 billion worldwide in 2026. It is crucial to ensure that products are advertised as far and accurately as possible given the ever-growing market.

Broadcasting contracts

The most common way to watch sports is on TV. This activity developed following the Covid-19 pandemic. The biggest source of global sports revenue is undoubtedly television, as the most popular broadcast networks are willing to shell out top dollar for TV sports deals that will almost certainly attract significant audiences.

Many Ways Business and Sports Generate Income

Entertainment companies and the sports industry can generate significant revenue in different ways. With each of these options offering lucrative sums, this can only help to further improve the industry and help it grow and reach its full potential.

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