The Blue and White coach once again sent a clear message to his detractors.

Photo: file.

“Whether they like it or not, I’m here,” said the coach of the senior team, Hugo Pérez, to the media, Diario El Salvador, who once again defends his project in the Azul y Blanco.

Pérez explained to the media that he has learned to live with comments in an environment of criticism from managers, coaches, former managers and players.

For the coach, the “sports analysts” would have to spend at least four days observing the training sessions to generate a correct opinion.

«In the end I am not going to argue with these people in the sense of challenging them either. I will continue working until Fesfut (Salvadoran Football Federation) tells me, Mr. Hugo Pérez, we no longer want you here. Thank you very much,” Perez said.

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