The actor passed away suddenly in Mexico.



He only appeared in one episode of La Familia Peluche, but all Salvadorans remember “El Dedotes”, the MS-13 gang member who “fell in love” with Bibi.

Octavio Castro was a Mexican actor who was on the brink of fame until his tragic end. Few know that the actor who also participated in the films “Nosotros los nobles” and “El Duende” passed away at a very young age.

Castro was versatile during his career, he worked on various theatrical, film and television projects, but without a doubt his best-known characters were “El Dedotes” and “El Duende”.

However, he could not taste the glory because the early morning of September 2, 2012, the world of entertainment was saddened. Octavio died suddenly after suffering a heart attack. He was only 35 years old.

Apparently Octavio was in very good health, since he did not have any history or symptoms that would alert the actor to the danger of death.


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