Sergio Ramos has been widely criticized for his words, but he assures that he did not say that.”


Paris Saint-Germain were eliminated last Wednesday from the UEFA Champions League in the round of 16 for the fifth time in seven years, this time the victim of Bayern Munich.

This unleashed a wave of disappointment among the club’s fans and among the players themselves, one of them being defender Sergio Ramos.

A camera captured how Sergio, once he walked away from the visiting stands, looked around in disbelief, and unloaded all the impotence and anger of the moment with a phrase that has gone viral, attacking his current club and the city where resides and lives now: «The bitch that gave birth to Paris. The f***ing mother of him…” he said.

However, after the images were leaked, the player came out and assured that he did not say that.

«I don’t usually go into these things, but I don’t want something that has not occurred to be taken for granted. At no time do I say Paris, I make a disappointed ‘pssss’ or ‘pfff’ sound. In the context of an expression (swearing, mind you) that we usually say in soccer. Let’s not invent or search where there is none,” Ramos wrote on his social media.


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