Piqué affirmed that it was all a misunderstanding.”


After several years… Gerard Piqué spoke on Twitch about the story of the controversial photo of the ‘kiss’ with Zlatan Ibrahimovic in the club’s parking lot when both were members of Barcelona.

In a conversation with Ibai Llanos, the famous Spanish streamer, Piqué, who has already debated in a live broadcast, recalled when they took a photo of him where it seems that he is close to kissing Zlatan.

«In that photo we are in the club parking lot. There is my car and there is the press. That I could eat my mouth with Zlatan, but not in the club parking lot. The photo is totally taken out of context. Best of all, it was Zlatan’s reaction,” Piqué joked.

“I am a very tactile person, very affectionate. The photographer took the photo at the moment we were shaking hands. He was inside the training camp, so I don’t think he was someone from the entertainment world,” Piqué said.

Due to this, a journalist asked the Swede directly if he was homosexual and his answer was blunt: “No, no, you come home with your sister now and I will prove that I am not gay.”

There was no doubt that the protagonists took it as a joke, but a debate broke out on the social networks about the behavior of the footballers, since some defended the words of the Barcelona men and others repudiated Ibrahimovic’s reaction.

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