It does not seem to Pohl that they are asking the fans for money.



The former leader and current sports commentator, Lisandro Pohl, strongly criticized the donation campaign that the leadership of the Alianza albos has currently started.

Pohl did not think it was right that the leadership is asking fans for donations to solve the club’s financial problems.

“And Fito Salume is not ashamed to be asking the fans for money with everything he has, I think there are more innovative ways to ask for support than money from people who need it, but if that is the case when I return I will give my contribution” Pohl said in a Twitter post.

The donation campaign

This Wednesday morning, the Alianza leadership set up a bank account to receive financial contributions from its fans.

Currently, the financial situation of the albos is not the best and, in addition, they will have to play without an audience at home in the next two short tournaments, which will aggravate the economic problem.

“Many have been the Alliance fans who have communicated and manifested through social networks with the intention of being able to help. Today we leave you a direct way to do it voluntarily”, said the alliance leadership through social networks.

The bank account that the albos have enabled is 012301000030426 of Banco Cuscatlán, in addition, the number 6938-0244 has been enabled for fans to send proof of donation.


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