In the Madrid entity they consider that this is an issue that is in the courts and it will be the judges who decide to accept, reject or blame Barca



Joan Laporta, president of Barcelona, ​​attacked Real Madrid in his opening speech on the Negreira case.

The president of Barcelona did not hold back anything during the more than two hours of press conference before the official position of the club in the ‘Negreira Case’.

“I would like to comment on the appearance of a club that has taken part in the case and that says that it feels harmed sportingly. A club, Real Madrid, which has historically been favored by arbitration decisions. Historically and currently. A team that has been considered the team of the current regime due to its proximity to the current power”.

“I think it is worth remembering that, for seven decades, the majority of the presidents of the group were, without interruption, either ex-members of Madrid, or ex-players or ex-directors of Madrid. For 70 years, those who have designated the people who had to decide justice have been ex-partners, ex-players and ex-directors. And sometimes all at once. That this club comes forward and alleges that it feels harmed in sporting terms in the best period in history, seems to me an unprecedented exercise in cynicism. And what I trust is that in this trial they can be unmasked,” Laporta said emphatically.

Faced with the accusations of the president of the Catalan club, the white club has said that it feels annoyed, since it is a gratuitous accusation to say that the referees have helped Madrid without evidence or anything but, except for a radical turn, the merengue team, At least for now, it won’t do anything about it.


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