For Carlos Saade the safety of Salvadorans is not important”


The president of the ARENA party, Carlos Saade, criticized the security climate that El Salvador is currently experiencing thanks to the implementation of the emergency regime, and assured that “security cannot be eaten.”

Saade considers that the security of Salvadorans is not important, because it does not give “more bills in the bag.”

“Has the fact that you have more security put more bills in your bag? Has it made you reach more food?; That the basic basket drops in price?, not true… so in the end security is not eaten “, questioned the ARENA president.

Although the opposition does not recognize it, as a result of the successful security strategy implemented by President Bukele, the communities that for decades were murdered by gangs have managed to recover peace.

In addition, as a result of the fierce fight against crime in the country, more than 65,000 terrorists have been removed from the streets, including leaders and collaborators.

In the governments of ARENA and the FMLN there were more than 72,000 homicides, not counting the large number of disappearances that occurred each year, extortion and assaults.


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