Analysts say it could top the box office in all of 2023.


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Despite negative criticism from progressives for not being an inclusive film because it doesn’t have gay, lesbian or drag-queen characters; Mario Bros continues to gross millions of dollars in its opening week.

The conservative public was to support the most iconic character in video games. This lets Universal Pictures know that they need to exploit more characters with conservative value.

Though the year is not even half over, Universal’s “The Super Mario Bros” raked in such a huge number in its opening weekend in North America that analysts say it could top the box office in all of 2023.

The animated film, a joint effort by Universal Studios, Nintendo and Illumination, grossed an estimated $146.4 million over the weekend of Easter and 204.6 million in its first five days, industry watcher Exhibitor Relations said on Sunday.

One of the most prominent criticisms was from actor John Leguizamo who previously acted as Luigi In ‘Super Mario Bros’ the actor destroyed in comments to the film for lack of diversity, making it known that “I will never see the movie”.

However, none of these criticisms served to damage the concept of said production by closing their mouths with such a prompt and successful collection.


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