Among the novelties that this interface will have will be the incorporation of videos.


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The founder of Spotify, Daniel Ek, announced Wednesday that he will launch a new interface for content users who use this application.

Spotify, which has more than 500 million users around the world, thus confirmed its commitment to focus its future on a “more visual” aspect.

According to Daniel Ek, users will be able to enjoy different formats to continue using the mobile application.

In addition, in this approach to the audiovisual format, the “Spotify Clips” function was announced, which will offer artists to add 30-second videos to their profiles to complement listening; as well as the “Countdown Pages” option, with exclusive recordings of the singers before or after the creation process.

Finally, among the rest of the functions that will complement the new interface will be “Smart Shuffle”, which will allow artificial intelligence to add similar music to playlists previously created by users.


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