Although he is one of the highest paid athletes on the planet, he has not forgotten his origins and has always been sensitive to those most in need and generous with the money earned from his sports career.

Photo: courtesy.

According to the British newspaper Daily Mail, Cristiano Ronaldo has donated food, medicine and clothing to the victims in Turkey.

According to international media, the donation is valued at $350,000 dollars.

Cristiano’s beautiful human gesture was very well received by the Portuguese’s followers around the world, as they ensure that his compassion and generosity towards the underprivileged can serve as an example for other celebrities and people of great economic resources.

The Portuguese star has always excelled in helping people in need when he started out he had no money.

In the past, her big heart has helped pay for $83,000 to fund a child’s brain surgery and donated $165,000 to a cancer center in Portugal, among other charities.

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